5 Most Common Reasons People Relapse in Addiction Recovery

Common Reasons for Relapse in Addiction Recovery

Recovery from addiction can be very challenging. Relapse is sadly a very common occurrence. According to some statistics nearly half relapse at some point and according to other studies the vast majority do.

What is a relapse?

A relapse is a medical term that refers to a worsening in a condition that had shown a significant amount of improvement in the past. About addiction, it is a situation where an addicted individual had ceased partaking in the behavior to which they were addicted but have since renewed it.

It is equally important to note what relapse is not. It does not mean that all of the previous work done in recovery was wasted and it does not mean that the addict’s life has automatically reverted to the bad state it was in before the relapse. It merely means that the addict has reverted to some of the adverse habits they engaged in previously.

Relapse is also not a failure. Instead, it is a call for help and an indication that something needs to be recalibrated on the road to recovery.