How I Kicked My 20+ Year Addiction To Drugs by Hunter F.

How I Kicked My 20+ Year Addiction To Drugs

I had been high for almost three weeks straight. Unless I was sleeping or en-route to the dope man’s house, I was high. If I wasn’t high, I was absolutely miserable. I’m going to skip all the back story; for a 36 year old guy, I had been stuck in a revolving cycle, with addiction ruining me every single time. This had been going on for 20 years. Now, I was screwed. People wanted to kill me and not just one person. Three. I was homeless, broken and wanted by the police for almost a dozen charges, half of which were felonies, all from one situation in which I had been entrusted to do the right thing. Instead, I robbed them blind.

Not having quite literally anywhere to go, anything to do, nowhere to sleep, no food to eat, water to quench my dying thirst, or anyone I could call, I was feeling really hopeless. There was not one available resource for those in need, and I could not find anywhere for me to lay low and try to carry on using. All the shelters were full and I could not be seen on the street. Not one person, family or friend, wanted to speak to me or deal with me. They’d stopped answering their phone the first week I relapsed. I was about to break down mentally and physically.

It was all sinking in, my world closing in on top of me. In spite of all the issues, I was so thirsty and had the worst cotton mouth from the drugs; it was hard to even swallow. Thankfully, about to choke on my tongue from thirst, I found a bottle of what was hopefully clean water on the ground, next to a trash dumpster. So, I picked it up. Since I had spent all my money on drugs, why not. It was par for the day. I drank it all.

How I Got Sober from Drugs & Alcohol by Cass H.

How I Got Sober from Drugs & Alcohol by Cass H.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a police officer. As I got a little bit older, I changed my mind and wanted to work with children, maybe as a school teacher. When I reached the age of 16, I decided what I really wanted to do was write; whether it was to be a famous novelist or write for a newspaper, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. As I moved forward from an outstanding high schooler to a tuition-paying collegiate student, I assumed I was just like everyone else. I did my share of partying, drinking and smoking weed – it was 2006, who wasn’t doing these things? It wasn’t until the overwhelming college experience brought me back home to my old stomping grounds that I realized I wasn’t average and all of my dreams were slowly going to crumble away.

It wasn’t long before my days of marijuana smoking and drinking caught up to me, catching my first drinking and driving arrest around the age of 18. While the experience was expensive, I played the game, went to the sobriety classes, attended meetings and took the tests to get through the mess I had gotten myself into. Since I wasn’t able to drink or smoke, I decided to find ways around their rules by taking prescription drugs on a regular basis. I always held down a job so I was able to support my pill habit until my probation had finally ended when I had decided to embrace my freedom and venture into whatever else I could get my hands on.

I was forced to attend NA and AA meetings, so I had made quite a few friends in the program that I still visited regularly, despite still using drugs and alcohol during my visits. Close friends knew what I was doing and tried their damndest to talk me off the ledge but to no avail, had failed. After having received enough grief from my friends in the fellowship, I went off to do what I do best without their approval.

How I Got Sober: A Story of Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol by Wallace R.

How I Got Sober - A Story of Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol by Wallace R.

Addiction is never just one thing.

It’s not just the positive presence of a problem, but also the negative absence of some human necessities.

A lack of security.

A lack of self-esteem.

A lack of dignity.

If we are happy in ourselves and with our place in the world and before others, addiction can be less of a temptation.

But it we’re not on solid ground, addiction can be truly devastating…

So like all sobering stories, let’s go back to the beginning!

I grew up during the Troubles, in Northern Ireland.

Some of my earliest memories are a constant deluge of disturbing news on the TV.

So consumed was my consciousness with this conflict in my early years, that often enough, when watching newsreaders on the television, I was scared that a terrorist might burst in and start shooting them…

Irish Republican and Ulster Loyalist terrorists, of course, were known for their unpredictability.

Another early memory of mine, which is more of a general ‘archetype’ or ‘model’ than any specific instance, is when there were emergency checks run by the army, which occurred whenever there was suspicion a terrorist attack was about to occur.

While it’s hard to blame the authorities for doing whatever was needed to keep people safe, and true blame lies with the terrorist organizations, it was certainly very frightening for a young child to have the family car stopped by armed soldiers, asking who we were and where we were going.

What Brought Me to Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol by Clarissa O.

Woman running on beach

Strange as it is, I had an exceedingly difficult time actually sitting down to think about where I came from to be where I am today. I’ve told my story, numerous times, but still there was a major block in my mind to be successful in the telling of it through my words. I have been sober for over a year now. Still, one thing I face is the difficulty presented by my mental health. Depression and anxiety are only the surface-level issues; there is no limit to the many ways in which my brain tries to trick, limit and discourage me. I have dealt with these issues for most of my life, but I am leaps and bounds from where my addiction took me.